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Affordable tips for traveling with little kids, stress-free 

When you have little ones, traveling can be a serious source of stress. Ideally, you want vacations to be relaxing opportunities to get away from the demands of daily life. However, the extra work of keeping everyone content on the trip can make it feel less like a getaway. Fortunately, you can reduce the stress of traveling with small children, and you don't need to spend a bundle to do it. Here are a few affordable tips for stress-free traveling with your kids:

Get Ahead of Luggage Worries

One thing most parents worry about when traveling with little kids is keeping track of luggage. Small children are notorious for putting things down somewhere then wandering away. In an airport and if your youngster is big enough to carry their own, Mapping Megan notes this can be a recipe for disaster. Moreover, there's always a concern that another passenger might accidentally grab your luggage, leaving you stuck without your things.

One way to reduce these worries is to get everyone in your family matching luggage. This will ideally be in a bright, difficult-to-miss color. This way you'll notice if your little one wanders away from their carry-on, and you're less likely to have someone grab your things by mistake. Search for something that rolls, which will be easier for your little one to manage, and check out online luggage deals so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg.

Bring Along Entertainment

One of the best things you can do to keep little kids content on the road or in the air is provide plenty of entertainment. Bring along lots of books and quiet toys, and load up a few favorite movies on a tablet, phone, or computer. Then, when they get fidgety, point them toward one of their toys. An audiobook can also be the perfect source of calm entertainment in this situation.

Little toys and pre-loaded movies can also save you a ton at the destination. You'd be amazed how quickly pay-per-view movies at the hotel can add up - having something already downloaded will cut costs substantially.

Plan All-Ages Activities

When figuring out what to do on your trip, you may be tempted to pick a lot of activities that are either mainly for the grown-ups or mainly for the kids. However, the more outings you can plan that have multi-generational appeal, the happier everyone is going to be. You don't want the vacation to be a constant flux between "fun for them" and "fun for you."

Museums are a great option for all members of the family, particularly if they can balance great visuals with plenty of information. Science museums geared toward children can be particularly engaging for both little ones and adults. As EdSurge notes, you can use the interactive exhibits as an opportunity to introduce them to some scientific concepts. You might even learn something new along the way, too! Many museums are free to kids under a certain age as well, so check particulars before you visit.

Another idea is to give you and your kids an outlet for energy. Physical activities and outings in nature, such as hiking or visiting a beach, tend to appeal to all ages, and they're a great way to stretch your legs when you've been cooped up in a vehicle. On top of that, they won't break the bank.

Build In Plenty of Breaks

Little kids have endless energy…until they don't. Anyone who has spent time around a toddler knows the importance of regular naps. Make sure to build this time into your day. These breaks are a good opportunity for you, as well. You can use this time to unwind and read a book, or take a nice relaxing bath.

If you're traveling with other adults, you can trade babysitting duty during nap times and spend the downtime doing something the kids wouldn't enjoy. It's a great way to corral stress and make the most of your pennies and your moments.

Traveling with little ones doesn't have to be stressful, nor does it mean overspending. With the right plan you can ensure that you and the kids all have a great time on your trip. Enjoy your adventure together as a family, and build memories to look back on forever!



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