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Spring Mountain Skiing

Mt. Charleston Lodge


The city of Las Vegas triggers many visual images, but usually skiing is not one of them. Actually this huge city is surrounded by mountains, the tallest of which are in the Spring Mountain Range, about a 45-minute drive from downtown.

Lee Canyon, located at the 8500-foot level, attracts skiers, snowboarders and tubers for a great day of snow play. Nearby Mt. Charleston Lodge and the Resort on Mt. Charleston are popular places to stay.

Many folks love to visit the Spring Mountains in the summer time too. The impressive peaks rise up to 11,000 feet and are usually 20-30 degrees cooler in the summer than down on the valley floor. There are beautiful hiking trails there and even a waterfall.

The flora changes dramatically as you drive up into these mountains. The cactus and sagebrush at the lower levels are gradually intermingled with Joshua Trees, and suddenly at the peaks alpine trees like Bristlecone Pines appear causing visitors to forget they are in the desert!




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