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Pioneed Saloon in Goodsprings

Gable and Lombard Memorial Room


The town of Goodsprings rose to fame when Carole Lombard, the blonde movie star whose marriage to Clark Gable had been front-page news, was killed along with 21 others when a TWA prop plane crashed into Mount Potosi on the night of Jan. 16, 1942 shortly after takeoff in Las Vegas. Gable rushed to the city, first hoping for a miracle and then keeping a grief-stricken vigil in the Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon while rescue teams searched in vain for his wife's remains. He even offered a large reward to anyone who could find her wedding ring. No one did. Decades have passed since Lombard's death, but patrons at the Pioneer Saloon still raise their glasses to the famous couple while they spend a few minutes gazing at the Lombard and Gable memorabilia hanging on the wall. 

Goodsprings today is a living ghost town. Prospectors found silver-lead ore in the area in 1868. A mining district followed, but was soon abandoned because the lead did not contain enough silver to satiate the lust for riches. Prospector and cattleman Joseph Good remained in the area after others had given up hope, and subsequently the local springs were named after him. By 1886, prospectors seeing value in the lead formed the permanent settlement of Goodsprings.





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