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Camel Races in Virginia City

Ostrich Races in Virginia City


These hilarious annual races are offered in Virginia City the weekend after Labor Day. Untrained camels ridden by untrained riders, running around a dirt ring to the sound of banjos and harmonicas, will bring smiles to everyone. The camel heats are interspersed with ostrich races and the occasional zebra race added for good measure. 

The event kicks off with a parade on Saturday, which is free, and tickets to the races can be purchased online or in person. But get there early because parking is limited. 

Camels have a long history in Virginia City, once being used as service animals for the gold mines in the 1800s. However, according to local legend, the animals' comical history came into play about 60 years ago when the editor of the local paper, the Territorial Enterprise, ran a fictitious news story about local camel races. Notorious for his practical jokes, this fellow didn't count on being taken seriously. But the San Francisco Chronicle thought it was real and ran the story. One dare led to another and the International Camel Races began, a comical racing spectacle that the entire family will enjoy.




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